win 10

  1. G


    please see the screenshop of my desktop mess , can anyone help in deleting this and restoring my correct desktop , thanking you shortstop
  2. Sirius

    Windows 7 Not activated

    Hi all, a friend brought me an old dell laptop today that she was given and asked can I get it updated, it’s running windows 7 ultimate I tried to upgrade to windows 10 all was going well until it said windows isn’t activated enter your product key, I went into system but there isn’t any ware to...
  3. gosnis

    Windows 10 Downgrade to 7 from fresh 10 install?

    I have an old ThinkPad, which originally had Win 7 on. Someone wiped this and did a fresh install of Win 10. Is there any way I can reinstall Win 7?