1. R

    Start-Up Problem Win 10

    I have a refurbed PC with a fresh copy of Win 10 installed. It has 8 mb of RAN and a 500Gb hard-drive The PC is directly connected to my BB router via an ethernet cable. The problem is that Windows is very slow to start. During startup a message appears on the black screen, it says " Client MAC...
  2. muckievillan

    Windows Remote

    Hi all, I can't use a remote because of MND, i use eyegaze on a Windows 10 tablet Unfortunately the tablet won't download apps and I'm looking for a remote that I can use and download for a Mag 322 Any ideas what I could use? Cheers
  3. biff2005

    Windows 10 Easily Install Group Policy Editor In Windows 10 Home Edition

    Easily Install Group Policy Editor (GPEdit.msc) In Windows 10 Home Edition tried and tested works ok with windows 10 home
  4. the reaper

    Windows 10 HELP!!!

    I want to load a ts video file to onedrive but it keeps failing--avi etc load but not ts and it's important to load as ts--can anyone please give me a dummies guide---I tried all the so called links for info and followed them but to no avail. Please remember I am blind so nice easy steps...