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windows sotware

  1. J

    Windows 7 Window 7 download anyone got one

    Prefer 7 over 10 thank you
  2. biff2005

    Windows 10 Easily Install Group Policy Editor In Windows 10 Home Edition

    Easily Install Group Policy Editor (GPEdit.msc) In Windows 10 Home Edition tried and tested works ok with windows 10 home
  3. P

    Windows 10 Cloning Windows Hard Drive using a Mac

    Guys, wasn't sure where to post this. I'm looking to clone a windows hard drive to a fresh hard drive using my Mac It's just I don't have a clean copy of windows to install onto the fresh hard drive it's for my old windows laptop that I would like to use again. Thanks PB
  4. Fusion

    Windows 10 M$ Toolkit v2.6.2

    M$ Toolkit enjoy :)
  5. lychee256

    H264,4K Free downloader A software to download YouTube, Facebook videos. It's also able to convert video/audio formats. It's free until March 30th 2018