xbox one

  1. M


    Good day, I am thinking of making an IPTV App for XBOX one it will allow the use of m3u and have the Xtream API. The app its self would be able to be used on windows 10, windows phone and XBOX One The question is, if you were to use this what features would you like to have? I know there is...
  2. S

    IPTV on Xbox one

    Hi, does anyone know if its possible to run iptv on xbox? if anyone knows an app to download it would be much appreciated.
  3. FreshMagix

    IPTV Xbox Tutorial

    You will need a USB drive before you start. 1. Usually your m3u will be a URL link. Copy and paste this into an Internet Browser and press "Enter" 2. It will download your m3u to a file to your download folder. 3. Put the downloaded file straight onto the root of your drive (not in a folder)...