xtream editor

  1. bazcfc1

    Xtream Editor

    Xtream editor has updated their plugin to be used with python 3 now. This is from their website We have ported our Enigma2 plugin to the newer images with Python3. It is a separate installation and cannot be used with previous images.
  2. L

    Satellite Missing Streams

    Hi guys, this might be an odd one but I'm confused and can't find anything online that'll answer my Q. I have a H7S running the latest OpenATV with Wooshbuild Infinity and am running IPTV via Xtream (which is also updated). Most of my IPTV runs well but oddly on the Zgemma all my BT Spts and...
  3. D

    XE Downloader ‘no internet connection’

    Hi, I’m a bit of a newb, I recently reflashed my zgemma h2.s to wooshbuild on open atv 6.4. After installing XE Downloader 2.12 and importing bouquets and epg’s no problem first time round I’ve now updated XE Downloader 3.0.7 and now get a ‘no internet connection’ error message when I try to...
  4. thebulls

    miracle box tv twin plus work with xtream editor

    Hi Guys im looking at going down to iptv route i have a miraclebox twin plus box so i dont have to buy another box will the xtream editor work on this and do i need format the box etc before hand as it has openvix on it the moment Also is this box and E2 Platform Thanks for your help
  5. A

    Help needed- EPG stopped loading

    EPG has suddenly stopped loading for some reason. Channels still available to view but I can’t see what’s on. Haven’t changed settings and the onLy change was not of broadband provider. Sub provider says all ok their side. Have tried updating XE plugin but no change. Anyone got any ideas??
  6. O

    Necessary Plugins to be downloaded ?

    Hello guys, What are the most used plugins that should be downloaded and installed on Zgemma H9S image OpenATV 6.2 for picons, skins, epg.... Note: The box will mostly uses Youtube, CCCAM/OSCAM, and IPTV. Regards,
  7. stephenwilso

    Xtream Editor help

    Hello, Is there any way to change the time of day the Xtream Editor "automatic import" runs on my VU+ Sol2 box running Wooshbuild Infinity. It is currently running at 9:16am but want to change it to 4:00am Thanks, Steve