xtreamtv plug in

  1. renegade3103

    Xtreme Bouquets and EPG

    Hi. I'm using the Xtreme plugin and my supplier has created custom bouquets. I can click a link that they sent and rearrange the order of the bouquets but I also have my Sat dish cable connected and it's generating a lot of other bouquets. I'm trying to use E-Channelizer to create a bouquet...
  2. IMG_4360


    Start up screen
  3. D

    Xtream Source not available in EPG Importer

    I'm having trouble setting this up on Zgemma H2s. Followed the guide, have set up Editor and have line and app code confirmed. Settings have been confirmed and loaded. When I go in to EPG Import sources, there is no Xtream at the bottom like there should be. Any ideas why this is? I've tried...
  4. E

    Fold for XtreamTv Plug in

    Hi Can anyone confirm what folder I need to put the XtreamTv Plug in into. Is it the tmp folder. Thanks