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  1. J

    XtreamTV Mips32el ipk and armv7a problems

    I have a ZGEMMA H9 combo box so I can only install armv7a files. My provider has sent me a mips32el ipk. How do I edit it so it’s compatible with my device? My provider asked if I knew how to link the server url with the one i download from the internet, this is one I found just so I can get...
  2. M

    OpenWebIf weird remote display

    Hello, with a Zgemma H.2H, openATV 6.2, Wooshbuild, When I open OpenWebIf remotely from the PC using the IP address, I have a weird display (see picture). I use Chrome, but same thing with Internet Explorer or Firefox, so that is the Zgemma end with the issue. OpenWebIf was displaying fine...
  3. C

    Xtream TV won't update on Zgemma H2S, disable IPV6 instead???

    Hi, I've had a Zgemma H2s box for just over a year now. I moved to a new IPTV provider last month, I've followed all his/her instructions to install Xtream TV onto the box. It won't validate the account and says my provider says it's because Xtream tv needs to update to version 1.4 instead of...
  4. M


    Good day, I am thinking of making an IPTV App for XBOX one it will allow the use of m3u and have the Xtream API. The app its self would be able to be used on windows 10, windows phone and XBOX One The question is, if you were to use this what features would you like to have? I know there is...
  5. S

    Merge all bouquets - is it possible?

    Hi Gurus, Badly require your help (Zgemma) Is there anyway where we can integrate IPTV channels along with Sky/VM channels in the bouquets (via channelizer) rather than having XtreamTV or any other app for IPTV on Zgemma. I reflashed by box to IPAB and after got one day trail from a supplier...
  6. W

    XtreamTV Channel Bouquet

    Hi guys, just trying to find some information about accessing the IPTV channels through the normal bouquet listings instead of having to go through XtreamTV. Is it possible to do this or do I have to download a plugin etc. I do have a copy of the file which was sent by the supplier would i be...
  7. Black-Panther

    XtreamTV Crashing - H5.2TC

    Hey, I recently got a H5.2TC running IPAB image (Setup myself) few days ago along with two cable subs and satellite. Yesterday, I setup (well the seller) Xtream TV and purchased a 12 month subscription for it. It's great, but every now and then my box crashes and goes to the blue-screen to...
  8. S

    XtreamTV Plugin on VU+ Blackhole

    Hi Guys, I've installed the opens and validates with my provider...the only issue is that I just get a black screen when opening a live TV channel. Any ideas please? The box is Vu Solo 2 with Blackhole image. The box was used for Card Sharing but I've disabled this just in case it...
  9. Ukpaulthm

    Iptv problems

    Hi all I have put xtreamtv onto my zgemma and gave a supplier my mac ID for a test line He told me it's all ready to validate but I keep getting a message saying "unable to verify your account contact your administrator" which I have done and he can't understand why it's doing this Many thanks...
  10. BoNzY

    Xtream blocked by sly?

    i think sly is starting to block xtream :( a mates box has just stopped connecting to the server, at his house its stuck on validate screen. took it to my house to try and it worked straight away, so first thoughts was shield, but was already off on his.... then i remebered i had a line on my...
  11. T

    XtreamTV for zgemma h2s

    Looking for help setting up my XtreamTv for my zgemma h2s. Iv got as far as putting my ip from my box onto putty then put root into the black box that pops up then enter. After that I got told to copy my code in next which I have into the same black box that I put root in and nothing...