1. J

    Audio Described Programmes Enigma 2

    Hi guys On my sat channels i am getting Audio Described Programmes on some channels sometimes such as Channel 4 BBC etc where a narrator talks over the programme im running wooshbuild with auto bouquets making my lists, does anyone know how to turn this off would really appreciate any help...
  2. J

    WooshBuild Jedimakerxstream deleting my satellite bouquet

    Hi guys needing a little bit of help here, so I have my sat channels and so my iptv ones on octagon enigma woosh build When I run the jedi maker to make bouquet it deletes my satellite ones, is there a way to prevent this from happening as I would like to use the option for the iptv bouquets to...
  3. J

    epgimport not showing after i install from plugins

    Just got the Octagon SF8008 box, trying to install epgimport from plugins when i do it doesn thsow on the plugins list even after a restart, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and also reflashed the image to atv 6.4 and still doing the same does anyone have any ideas would appreciate the help...
  4. ramooz

    Xtreme editor erratic after upgrade

    After Upgraded zgemma h2h to OpenATV 6.2, whoosh build infinity together with XE 3.0.6, XE started to generate new QR code every time I reload the app, tried reboot, reflash numerous times, still no joy ! Before upgrade IPTV was perfect; any suggestions would be much appreciated
  5. B

    Zgemma H.2S and Wooshbuild Infinity - Newbie!

    Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased a new Zgemma H.2S and last night I went to install Wooshbuild Infinity on it. I connected to opendif and added the command line with no issues at all, the box rebooted and then came up with the Wooshbuild Infinity logo and a spinning blue circle. I noticed...
  6. bobcatsky

    h2h vioce over

    hi can anyone help me get rid of the voice over on certain channels please its driving me mad lol