1. ramooz

    Xtreme editor erratic after upgrade

    After Upgraded zgemma h2h to OpenATV 6.2, whoosh build infinity together with XE 3.0.6, XE started to generate new QR code every time I reload the app, tried reboot, reflash numerous times, still no joy ! Before upgrade IPTV was perfect; any suggestions would be much appreciated
  2. B

    Zgemma H.2S and Wooshbuild Infinity - Newbie!

    Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased a new Zgemma H.2S and last night I went to install Wooshbuild Infinity on it. I connected to opendif and added the command line with no issues at all, the box rebooted and then came up with the Wooshbuild Infinity logo and a spinning blue circle. I noticed...
  3. bobcatsky

    h2h vioce over

    hi can anyone help me get rid of the voice over on certain channels please its driving me mad lol