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zgemma h92s

  1. R

    Zgemma xtreamtv problem

    Hi, got a new sub (not going well) I am using putty login in via telnet to copy and paste xtreamtv link, it says successful, box restarts but then I’m getting the following error move reflashed about 6 times to try and get it to work and I’m having no luck! Just so you know how I flash ( in...
  2. caruthers

    H92S - Lost AC3 downmix after ATV6.2 software update

    Hi All Strange issue here with my new Zgemma H92S. Its been running ATV6.2 build 2019-02-26 with Whooshbuild for a few weeks with no problems. I have AC3 and DTS downmix enabled as my box connects directly to my TV via HDMI with no AV receiver inbetween. Yesterday I decided to check for...