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zgemma i55

  1. A

    Zgemma I55 plus - Live IPTV stream wont play

    Morning Looking for some help, been setting up boxes for a while but this one has me stumped. Running a zgemma i55 plus with openATV 6.3 and wooshbuild infinity. My provider gives me script to run which i have done and it imports all bouquets. Everything seems to be fine loaded up EPG...
  2. D

    zgemma i55 plus - Any Reviews?

    Hi looking to buy a zgemma i55 plus because i like the sly skins had zgemma h.2s before. just wondering are they worth buying, running mag 256 at moment. thanks
  3. billyjakie

    zgemma i55

    hi just got myself a new i55 box is there any tutorials for putting the wooshbuild image on it, ive downloaded the image but dont know how to get it onto the box as it doesn't flash the same as the other zgemma boxes. cheers mateys
  4. N

    New member waiting for Santa to deliver his Zgemma i55

    Hi all Hope I've come to the right place as I migrate away from my now defunct Openbox V8s and await the arrival of a shiny new Zgemma i55. Seems like I need to do a few things and a lot of research before I will be able to watch it so may be asking for help and guidance in the appropriate...
  5. Black-Panther


    Hey all, Hope you're all well. New to this forum, 21 years of age and currently own a Zgemma i55 IPTV box running both Flawless and Armanda sub. This box is currently being used in the living room right next to the router, but I am going to move this into my bedroom upstairs (and make use of...