1. imzy

    Box Unresponsive

    Guys, hope you are all well. Wonder if someone would kind enough to help a brother out. I have a Zgemma H9S box currently on OpenATV build. the box crashes on startup and nothing seems to happen after. however I can connect through telnet, is there a way I can reset this?
  2. 8valia

    Difference between zgemma H5 and H5.2TC

    Hi, I was wondering what is the difference between H5 and H5.2TC ?
  3. meadow24

    No sky atlantic on iptv

    Ive contacted my supplier who has replyed saying nobody can get it on iptv Is this true Ive noticed the streams are from virgin media is this why its not working
  4. M

    Good Help and advice please on IPTV

    Hello, People, I'm looking for some good decent advice if possible, please. I need to have advice on how to install IPTV when you don't have the device with you and is somewhere else in the country. I'm trying to install it on a zgemma and I have access to a panel but unfortunately, the lad I...
  5. 8valia

    Sky sports HD on vm line not working

    Hi guys, I am getting a blank screen on all sly sports HD channels but Beetee sports HD works. Any idea what's going on ? This is on even a sly line but a vermin line
  6. 81goffy


    Is it possible to put a paid iptv onto a s2?
  7. 81goffy

    IPTV on a Zgemma, but..

    hi, I've managed to put my sub onto a H2.s and it works great. Unfortunately I'm struggling to get it to generate a epg. Is there a way to do this?
  8. 8valia

    Sly sports box office on VM line

    Hi Guy, I am trying to find the SBO channel for WWE tonight but cannot find it. I have ran the VM bouquets again but still nothing. I have also checked for the Prime events channels but cannot find it.
  9. R

    Some channels not working

    I am new to this box still getting used to it for the last two days some of my channels have just been blank how can i update the channel list to get them to work again ?
  10. S

    Satellite line help !!!!!

    all day been trying different things at the end of my tether !! stressed is an understatement lol have downloaded and flashed my h5 with woosh h5 i have a N line which i paste in a notepad and named newcam.list ,,,, put it into keys checked cam tis on mgcamd_1.38r1 still no sky 1 ,, have tried...