2003 Renault Megane II steering locked unlocked, car not starting


I went to a garage to have a new key programmed which he did. The car started once. I wanted him to also program in my old key even though it was playing up. He couldn't do it so left it with just one key programmed. Trouble is the car won't start now. He looked for registered faults and it came up with a steering lock fault and nothing else. I think he said something about the UCH not connected to UPC. The steering lock has not worked for all the years I've had the car, and it's not stopped it from working. I had to have my car towed home. Since then I have bought and installed a replacement virginised steering lock but it still does not work. What could have happened when the card key was programmed? I've had both the UPC and UCH out to check, and both are clean. At one point I was getting a live feed to the steering lock, and the bolt went in and out a couple of times, but now when I press the start button I don't get any live feed anymore. It's a pain not being able to know at what step the UCH stops the starting sequence. I know that it has ET codes for responses.
Anyway, if someone has any ideas on what might have happened when the card was programmed, I would appreciate it.