294 jobs to go at Intel plant in Leixlip

I feel sorry for us we'll never get rid of them lol ah no only kidding yea know what you mean and I think its the world over so no emigrating either :(
as long as the younger generation keep going to college, I figure we'll be alright, as a knowledge based economy (no major manufacturing exports, only farming), we have proved that our young people are as good as anywhere else, you only have to look at google, ibm, intel, there is a reason why they came in the first place, the tax rates and the quality of the young tech minded (IT) people..

remember, the glass is half full!!!!
Yep wheelo, but they said that about intel years ago.
Dont be surprised if google go awol ;)

We`ve the best Education system in europe at the moment so thats a bonus (we`ll see how long that lasts :eyebrow: )

The only people to blame are our s**t government.
no argument there noel, but one has to keep it optimistic, or else we may just forget about recovery.
I personally think that we get the government that we deserve,if the grass roots people protested as loud and as hard as the pensioners did early this year, then maybe the government would sit up and take notice.
I for one attend many protests, and though it sometimes feels that it is a waste of time, it does make the government sit up and take notice(again the pensioners).
I dont have children, but society has to stand up for what is right, not just what the bosses tell us is right, if that was the case, we wouldn't have paid holidays, maternity leave, etc.
sorry, but that is me off my soap box.
Where is it all going to stop,some legacy Ahern & Co left behind................:mad:

There use to be a time that i use to moan about going to work......I Dont Now. :)
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