3.5' IDE HDD to USB?


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Since my 8 year old PC decided to quit on me after its very long life, I decided to take out the HDD as it's the only useful component left for me. It's a "Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 ATA/133 IDE HDD 3.5'"

I want to now use it as an external hard drive, after a quick search on Google I found out that an IDE to USB cable on its own won't do the job because it won't supply enough power for my hard drive since it is a 3.5".

I came across this easy to use caddy:
and then an adapter like this:
The listing for the adapter says that it comes with a 1 x 4 pin power, can anyone explain what this is and will it mean that I can power the HDD without a plug?

I was looking for a way to power it without using a mains power plug but it doesn't seem like it's possible..


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Hi Dan :)

You are right in respect it is not possible to power a 3.5" drive without an AC supply.

2.5" drives designed for laptops require much less power as thats what laptops are all about concerning hardware and so these will run purely off USB power.

So unfortunately you will need to aquire either a caddy or a USB 2.0 TO SATA IDE 2.5 3.5 HARD DRIVE ADAPTER CABLE simular to the one you have linked (does not say the AC adapter is supplied with it), or one simular to fergug1's link.

I have a USB to adapter mentioned but just use it when I need to get info of any hard drives of peoples faulty comps when I am working on them. ferguj1 will probably agree with me that if you want to just use the drive as an external and fairly often, then it too much of a piss about and messy to use a USB adapter like mentioned, also more prone to damage the drive physicaly or ESD wise. They are spot on though if you do a lot of computer Tech work.

A caddy is your best bet in my opinion. Tidier and more protection for the drive. Whatever you choose, you will need AC power.

jodav :)


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Cheers guys, and yes using it as an external hard drive is definitely going to mean lot more patience on my side finding an AC power socket each time I need to use it, think I will go with the caddy. (y)


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have a look here dan this one is internal but ascessable only 44 mins left on it tho
IDE Hard disk switching bay | eBay
Ah only just checked this, but cheers had. I think I'm just going to buy a caddy and use it as a downloads HDD. So all my downloads from IDM should all download to this spare IDE hard drive to avoid any fragmentation on the main hard drive, and if this IDE HDD goes bust after a while then it's still all OK. :)