3 more energy companys gone bust


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Sadly could see alot more of the smaller energy companies going bust.

Shame limits what the customer can go to with it being the real big ones around.


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Time to dig out the draft stoppers and eliminate dam cold drafts , stop using Halogen lights for brightness and use leds.


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There is a very very good 'small' (about 160 pages) paperpack that you all should read, it is called 'Oil Apocolypse' by Vernon Coleman published in I think 1994. Here is an exerpt from it;

The world you know is going to change dramatically and permanently. Anyone under fifty, with a normal life expectation, will live to see a world almost unrecognisable from the one they grew up in. Five billion people will die within a very short time. There will be no cars, no lorries, no buses, no aeroplanes and no supermarkets. The rich will travel by horse and cart. The middle classes will use bicycles. The poor will walk. The oil is running out and, as a result, our civilisation is reaching its end. You will never read a more important or more alarming book than this one. The disaster inexorably heading our way will make any natural disaster, any tsunami, seem inconsequential. Forget global warming. Forget terrorism. They are trivial problems. If you want to know the truth, and you think you can deal with it, sit down, turn to the first page and read this book now. It will change your life. Forever.