3 Way Splitter


Hi, I set up a box for a friend the other day they are having problems. They want to have a basic contract for recording etc plus a open box for extras so I set up a 3way splitter as that was the only one in stock 1 cable went out of the main box and in to the IN on the splitter, I then purchased 2 more cables 1 went from one of the OUT sockets and in to the open box the other in to the main box. How ever they can only record the channel they are watching on the main box, I have checked the cables are tight and all seems fine, I noticed the original cables are black and I purchased white cables is there a difference other than colour? Or could it be the HD contract?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Yep gravehead got it bang on you need two cables from lnb to one box , to record one channel and watch another .....


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run the feeds straight from the lnb to the box and don't use a splitter, if you don't have enough ports on the lnb then you can buy an lnb with more ports and then swap them over


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Thanks, How do I find out which LNB I need is it a generic one or does it need to match a certain serial number?