4.1.x.x firmware a lot slower than 3.2.x.x firmware on my h2 box.



I flashed the 3.2.xx.x firmware that was available November 2015 and it was pretty good. This weekend I thought I would try the 4.2.x.x firmware and flashed that onto my box hoping it would be an improvement

My findings on flashing the 4.2. X.x firmware onto my h2 box is as follows:

it it was considerably slower to function the remote than the previous image I had.
the non hd channels are worse than the previous image.

luckily I backed up my previous image so restored it back after flashing the previous firmware.

My advice is stick with the 3.2.x.x firmware until a better firmware is available. 4.2.x.x gave me the feeling the h2 box was cheap and the remote functioned like a kodi box. Ie not very responsive.

as they say the grass is not often greener...:)

hope this article helps.
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The reason is vix is not meant to be used with these boxes.The same sort of thing was done with old cloned vu boxes a few years ago although people still updated the patched image if you put it on your box it would slow it down.

I say it often enough if you want decent support buy a officially supported box. or use the supported image for the h2


Mike - thanks for your input into the subject. I am sure you are right that is better to have a official supported box so that you can auto update as far as the vix image is concerned . I however disagree that it is better to use the officially supported firmware for the zgemma's. In my opinion the vix image is far superior to the openatv image. And once flashed to the box, there isn't much to do. Once you can flash the box with a image and you are able to backup settings and restore settings then not having auto updates becomes a mild inconvenience.

My h2 box with the vix image that was out in November 2015 is running very well, remote is very responsive and you would never guess that it was a cheap box. What I was eluding to was that had the first vix image I flashed on the box been the most recent one, I would have thought the box was poor with a poor remote, I just wanted people who have recently purchased a zgemma box to be aware of this when deciding on which version of an image to flash the box with.

A useful tip for any user of the zgemma is to change the blue button command to bring the tv channel guide up, makes using the remote a lot easier and a better experiance.