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Gman, or anyone else familiar with this software, im just wondering what the acronis secure zone is and how do i use it or is it being used as there is alot of space being taken up by it as you can see from the picture.


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its really handy, use it if your PC goes down.
i used it for making an image of my laptop, havent turned back since!

one of the ds here will have better knowledge of it than me.


Brilliant program axxxo I would be absolutely lost with out it

your right u won't be able to back up the c: to your secure zone as the backup is 125gb and the secure zone is 102gb the secure zone is good if you have oodles of hard drive space or you are making a backup of a clean install as the size of the backup is the used space on the drive your backing up

If you'd like I would be able to do walk through on how to backup to an internal hard drive or external hard drive or network share which ever suits you best and restore from a bootable pen drive or cd in case of operating system failure

I find this the best practise because if my hard drive went I would also loose the secure zone and the backup

This program isbrilliant i used the backup and restore to move my c: form a 250gb hard drive to a 500gb hard drive in about 20 mins and loads more


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i doubt its that secure on raid 0 config as mine is lol

so basically it sits there doing nothing really unless i increase the secure zone size to actually make my back up fit, would i be right in saying this?

dont get me wrong,not trying to knock the program, i havent heard one complaint about it at all, just trying to have a play around with it to get the most out of it :)

would love to hear all your ideas or suggestions byrnie


Ya your exactly right for example on my main computer I have 2 500gb in raid 0 so if I had the secure zone and had a problem with my raid and needed to break it I would have no backup or F11 function also if one of the drives fails same thing

Also when acronis does a recovery it only writes over the existing data it does not perform a format which I would prefer to happen

I found that if you have acronis true image and acronis disk director installed you can achieve this by making the boot cd in the acronis true image program

Boot from the cd in acronis disk director format the drive then in true image restore

If you could make the boot cd and post back if it works

I will be putting together this process in more detail


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I agree totally with your logic there byrnie (y)

Even though I use the method you're suggesting & find it invaluable, I think you should post up the procedure in full detail as it would be very beneficial to other users who haven't got a full working knowledge of what it it is, what it really does & how to go about creating & using the necessary Disc & tools.