Activision: Tony Hawk Ride still multiplatform in UK


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Update: Well, that was fast! VG247 managed to get a more definitive answer out of Activision, as the company admits the game will be multiplatform in the UK, despite reports to the contrary. An Activision spokesperson said, "We apologise for the confusion caused by this morning's mail out and we would be grateful if you could update your coverage to reflect the correct details above." So, UK gamers, expect Tony Hawk Ride to be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, as previously reported.

However, Eurogamer is remaining skeptical. They seem to doubt the wording of Activision's statement, and assume that Microsoft is still working toward an Xbox 360 exclusive release of the game. We'll be sure to update you as the story develops.

Original post: As of right now, Tony Hawk Ride is still a multiplatform title in the UK, but Microsoft is hoping to change that. MCV reports that the Redmond-based giant and Activision are working toward a deal to ensure that Tony Hawk's new venture is only available on the Xbox 360 initially in the UK.

Edge contacted Activision to get the dirt on this deal, and apparently found out that the game is still intended for multiplatform release, though this could change should Activision and Microsoft manage to come to an agreement. It wouldn't be the first time such a deal has been made, as Sony recently secured Ghosbusters rights there. Oh, and who could forget Rock Band's timed Xbox 360 exclusivity deal?

Source - Initial MCV report
Source - Activision's response to Edge's inquiry on the matter

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