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admistrator for your comp


TK Veteran
basicaly i did a check on the programs on the comp i,e anti virus ect. got clean bill of health but have one program with a password that no ones owning up to, is there any EASY way i can find out wot site that password is protecting. thanx im learning slowly honest.:willy nilly:


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I see no replies to this & I'm wondering if it's just me dee?

I have no idea what it is your asking?

You scanned your machine & nothing nasty was found?

The bit I don't get is where you say you have a program that's password protected & you want to know what site it's protecting???

I'm totally confused dee



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I admit that i am also slightly confused by your query.

Could you possibly explain further? I'm sure Gman would be able to help as long as he knows exactly what he's dealing with.