advise on dementia in older dogs


hi every one just wondered if any one has any advice they could share with me.
had my brindle cross terior/corgi 11 years now got him from a rescue center i am guessing he was approx 2 years old then been a good faith full little buddy to the family,
but the last few months he has tried scrambling into corners at the slightest of noises ie ice maker dropping ice the cracking of a fly zapper or the noise of the refuse collectors out side or the click of a lighter then a hour or so later hes fine its starting to get more frequent
all the vet dose is give tablets and expensive plugin gadgets that dont work
i dont want to put him to sleep but is it kinda then to see him suffer after his little episodes we comfort him but all he dose is sit with his head down staring at a wall a hour later his fine for a day or two
any tricks or advise would be very welcome thanks


It sounds like an anxiety attack of some sort, tho some say that dogs stare blankly for reasons of discomfort or pain. The pheremone plugins imo waste of time & money, some vets like prescribing them. I wonder does he like going for walks? would a few minutes on the lead after an episode perk him up?
Would you consider getting a young pup?, sometimes this can help an older dog with company & distraction. How is his sight & hearing? dogs can get very nervous with bad eyesight & same if he can only register loud noises. It might be an idea to try another vet,a second opinion can't do any harm. There are drops u can get for dogs & cats, without prescription, they're valerian based. I used them on a cat, that had broken shoulder & leg, he had to be kept calm after his operation to repair these. They do work, the major downside is they tend to knock some animals 'spark out' for hours. 13 isn't too old for small dogs, my friend's jack russell passed last year , just a few weeks short of his 20th birthday,