all movies gone on kryptview


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Hi all
missing all the sly movies and cartoon network on the a750 should i just rescan or are we doomed:rock on:
oh er not heard that the kryp was not working over there. Sorry i cant answer you as im in the UK. But maybe try a rescan and see.
IVe just got a box and had a few probs with channels lol had to manually add itv and a channel for the chelsea match last night lol
IF you have the freqs then maybe try and manually do it see if that helps
hi all
channels came back with re scan,the krypt said it found new frequencies,not as used to this one as i am with starviews:rock on:
ps i voted also:rock on:
All Sky related channels even Sky news were gone in Ireland today, but it had nothing to do with the Kryptview. The channels were moved by UPC & a rescan will pick them up again.

All is still well :rock on:

not at all, was just lookin forward to a bit a drama is all, would have caused nationwide panic lol