Satellite Alternative (Best) remote control for H7S


Hi all,

I just got my Zgemma H7S and have spent the last few days setting it all up the way I like it.
It's a great box!! PQ is beter than my old Freesat HDR-1000s and its also snappier and doesn't crash so often :-)

All great apart from..... The remote control. I have a "One-for-all" remote but setting it up is going to be a real ball-ache as my model does not have any Zgemma codes baked in and "One-for-all" support are being less than responsive to my support ticket).

so..... I have (for now) enabled HDMI-CEC and am sticking to the Enigma2 remote for most things. The only thing the HDMI-CEC really does is the volume of the TV and also the mute and the power button turning the TV off/On etc. The problem is that the zgemma remote supplied is weak (in terms of the fact that it needs to be pointed more towards the box to work than I am comfortable with (poor eyes so need to look at remote when pressing buttons)). I don't think there is any fault with the remote or box at all (I suspect it's because the IR receiver in the box is a bit sub-par or the remote is pushing out a relatively weak IR signal (or a very low angle focused signal). This is my first enigma2 box so I have nothing to compare it with.

What I have noticed in the menus is that you can set the box up with a multitude of other remote controls such as: Mara M9, DMM Advanced, et9100, VU+, et1300, XP1000, HD530c, VS1500, XP3000 ww10 4k, Axas E4HD Ultra, Protek 4k uhd, etc, etc, etc.

The qustion I have is .... Are any of these remotes "stronger" and "more forgiving on angle" that the zgemma remote? If so I may look to invest in one of these. The "One-for-all" remote I have (
RC7140 R02) has a really strong transmission and a really wide angle and I loved it! I just can't be doing with programming about 50 buttons as its long winded and I tried one button and it didn't work.

Any tips / advice really appreciated. I don't have a massive budget so options around the £20 mark would fit well.



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Note to self :-)
Actually - I re-read the manual for the "One-for-All" remote and I managed to program it in about 15 minutes once I got into my stride. I can confirm that the RC7140 R02 is an excellent universal remote for this box. The box is even snappier too (as the "One-for-All" remote must send its commands quicker). I can have the remote pointing to the ceiling and change channels and get the EPG etc. now. As long as you can read the manual on how to copy keys from the zgemma remote then it is an excellent choice.

"One-for-All" RC7140 Remote 10/10 as long as you can program it.
"One-for-All" email support 0/10 - still waiting for a reply for nearly 9 days.
Zgemma Box 7/10 (would be 9/10 if it didn' have a such a sh*t remote control!!