Amazing Robot Dexterity


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Ishikawa Komuro Laboratories are doing some amazing stuff with robots right now. The video below starts out looking like a clumsy and somewhat failed attempt at dribbling a ping pong ball. Once it goes into slow motion however, we see the true action. This robot is dribbling that ball amazingly. Utilizing 1000 FPS cameras, it readjusts and hits the ball on every bounce. As the ball drifts out of the reach of the bot, suddenly we are struck with the lifelike motion. Personification can be a fleeting thing, appearing so strongly as the little bot tries in vain to reach for that ball, then disappearing again an instant later. If you really want to see some personification worthy of the crab fu challenge, check out their tool manipulation by a multi fingered hand video.


That is Awesome!! (y)

Well it demonstrates just how complex the human brain really is?

Look at the gadgetry & electronic wizardry it takes to even come close to mimicking the dexterity capabilities of the human hand.

We look back and laugh when we think that computers were initially the size of a large room but now we have netbooks?

The mind boggles when one thinks what amount of gadgetry it would take to completely mimic the entire human body to the degree that you wouldn't be able to distinguish between a human & a robot