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I am a final year student who is looking to find someone to help me with the development of an app that records staff clocking times using fingerprint technology.

I am an average programmer and was hoping i could get some examples sent to me or even pay someone to develop something for me.

Any ideas on where i could look???




Do you have the fingerprint hardware already?
How does it connect to the android device? Wired? Bluetooth (secure bluetooth?)
Do you need 3rd party libs to use the API?
Or are you just gonna assume that part is taken care of and feed sample data to the app?

Will there be a backend component? You'll need a REST server to do anything useful.
Python with Django is nice and easy, if you have a server that runs python.

In terms of jobs afterwards, there's a lot of jobs with java and JBOSS, but JBOSS might be a bit heavy for a final year project, since you'll be getting into Spring and hibernate etc...