Anyone from South Shields with 9 pin PC for a null cable ?

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are u trying to upgrade software is the box working only need null cable if box not working


ive got all the cables just needs updating im getting error messages pc is new so no 9 pin slot and the usb cable to RS232 just i snt responding .


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i take it that you have a kv 780 that needs to be flashed with firmware,and you are seeking someone with an old pc running xp and has a serial port rs232 for connection for null modem cable.?

Ted luxston

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South Essex..yes..Dont waste and more days/nights H... If you want to post it i will do it for you.. the free offer is there.! My first 780 robbed me of 2 nights/null modem cable and would not wish that on anyone..but it is funny at the same time..! dry sense of humour.. sorry


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Hi Wayne have u got a PC with the 9 pin null cable connection ? I cant update my kv 780 but I have the cable.


Hi anyone in the liverpool area who can do his update for me? Kids are going crazy with no TV so I am also up the wall!!! Any help appreciated

Cheers Paul