Apple’s Safari 4.0.4 update: Full Details


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Apple’s Safari 4.0.4 update: Full Details

Posted: 12 Nov 2009 06:40 AM PST

Apple’s Safari 4.0.4 update: Full Details

Some of you may have recently noticed that Apple’s Safari browser recently updated itself to version 4.0.4, you may not have initially noticed much change, however a recent article posted on MacWorld explains exactly what the update consisted of.

The update was released yesterday and the main target for the update was to improve “performance, stability, and security.”, this is usually the case with most web browser updates.

Apple seem quite willing to tell you about some useful upgrades, such as enhanced stability of third-party applications, improved JavaScript performance and improved browser history, however there seems to be more changed then what Safari are making obvious.

According to MacWorld’s
Apple releases Safari 4.0.4 update | E-mail and Internet | MacUser | Macworld
article the update also addresses several security flaws which occur in Windows versions of the application to, check out Apple’s official documentation for more.
About the security content of Safari 4.0.4