Arrests After Armed Police Surround Flats


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Two men have been arrested after a three-hour stand-off with armed police in the wake of a shooting in Liverpool.


Armed officers surrounded a block of flats in the Anfield area

Merseyside Police were called to Breck Road, in the Anfield area of the city, on Monday night, when shots were fired at the offices of a car dealership.

Nobody was injured in the incident, which happened at around 7pm, and resulted in a broken window.

Witnesses said they saw a number of men leave the scene in a green VW Passat.

The vehicle was later spotted outside a block of flats elsewhere in Breck Road.

Armed officers surrounded the building and evacuated people, as a containment operation took place.

The incident was brought to a peaceful end just before 11.30pm when two men left the building and were arrested by waiting officers.

The pair were taken into custody for questioning, a police spokesman said.