Arrests Over World Cup Minidress Stunt


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Two female Dutch fans who hijacked a World Cup game dressed in orange minidresses as part of a marketing stunt have been arrested.


Police are questioning the women in a police station in Johannesburg on suspicion of violating merchandising regulations.

They are due to appear at Johannesburg Magistrates Court this afternoon.

The unlikely suspects were among 30 female fans who attended Holland's game against Denmark at Soccer City.

The women - dressed in striking orange minidresses - were part of an advertising campaign by Bavaria NV.

Fifa only allows its official partners to use the World Cup for advertising and promotion campaigns - and Bavaria NV is not one of them.

The women got into the ground by getting tickets from ITV pundit Robbie Earle, who has been axed by the broadcaster.

A South Africa police spokesman said: "We view ambush marketing in a very serious light and we urge people not to embark on these ambush campaigns."

News of the criminal case comes as Fifa admitted failings in the way it hands out World Cup tickets.


Who really gives a Fr***

After all the fuss,i still dont know what brand they where promoting !
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You might have noticed a group of cute girls wearing orange miniskirts during the World Cup match in Johannesburg on June 14th. The 30 girls were part of a World Cup ambush marketing campaign for Bavaria NV, a dutch brewer. FIFA is filing charges against the brewing company.

“The matter is now under criminal investigation,” FIFA said in an email statement.

So what’s the big deal? A bunch of cute girls wore orange to a soccer game. Well, advertising isn’t free, and companies like Budweiser, who are the official beer of the World Cup, pay a lot of money to be associated with World Cup soccer.

What’s strange, however, is that if the girls weren’t arrested, and if FIFA didn’t file charges, hardly any one would have noticed the Bavaria emblazoned mini skirts.

ESPN reports that the mini skirts carried the Bavaria logo, but I can’t see it in the pictures.

Whatever the outcome of the situation, Bavaria did get its name out there.