Ashford Bank Siege: Man Charged With Robbery


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A man has been charged in connection with a three-hour bank siege in Ashford, Middlesex.


The incident happened at Barclays Bank in Ashford on Monday

Around 15 people were taken hostage on Monday at Barclays Bank in Church Road.

Matthew Nutley, 36, has been charged with robbery, false imprisonment, possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit robbery, and two counts of making threats to kill.

He was also charged with blackmail, possession of an offensive weapon and making a bomb hoax, Surrey Police said.

Officers were called to the branch shortly before 4pm on Monday, following reports that a man with a firearm entered the building.

Speaking after the siege, Supt Duncan Greenhalgh from Surrey Police said: "This was obviously a very traumatic experience for those members of the public and bank staff caught up in it."

Tim Kiy, Barclays corporate affairs director, said: "We are immensely relieved and happy that all those involved are now safe and able to be reunited with their families.

"Our focus now is the wellbeing of those involved, who will be provided with all the support and counselling they need."