axxxo is getting married!!!!


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axxxo is getting married!!!

According to our calendar here our very good friend axxxo is getting married!!, I and others I am sure from techkings would like to congratulate you and your wife to be on your wedding dated the 20th of June.

Hope everything goes well mate and enjoy the honeymoon ;) !.

We will expect the photo's in your profile of the big day! ;), keep it clean though lol.

All the best to you and yours!



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Fantastic news indeed!

Congratulations, not just to you Axxxo but to your wife to be as well.

May your days be long upon the earth, and your nights pleasant. :)


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Axxxo me oul china, hope you and your wife to be have a Wonderful day & a fantastic Honeymoon!!
Best of luck mate, Have a good one :cheers:


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So does this mean his beautiful (soon to be) wife is gonna make an honest man out of axxxo ?

Congrats !!!
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Congrats Axxo. Have a plesant wedding, a teriffic honeymoon, and a very long and happy life together!!


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congrats axxxo

nice 1 m8............hope everything goes well.....

Dont forget the TK invertation 4 the night time we all need a good pish up :grin:

only kiddin m8...............have a good one pal


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Congratulations Axxxo to you and your very soon to be wife, wishing you both health wealth and happiness, have a great one. A.


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Great News axxxo

Very Best Wishes for Your Futures



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hope you have a long and loveing marrage and enjoy your honeymoon

congrate and bestwishs to you and your bride


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may your every day be a little happier because of what the two of you share. may your marriage give you everything that mine brings me. Congrats to both of you.


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:) many congrats m8 to you and the future mrs. axxxo,relax and enjoy the day ,and may you have many more to come :)