Bangkok airport to Pataya

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Hi all,
Does anybody know a safe and reliable Taxi company from Bangkok airport to hotel in Pataya.

Going at Christmas and it will be two adults and two children (7&11)



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I have a friend over there at the minute, he is married to a Thai Woman, I'll ask him what is the best way for a family to transfer.


Get to the taxi rank queue outside the airport, ignore taxi drivers that offer you a lift ahead of the queue. Ask the taxi driver at the queue if it is a taxi meter if its not walk away. Taxi to pattaya should cost around 2000 baht.


I heading to Bangkok in a few months and great to find this info. Well, what I know is I can also get a bus to Pattaya directly from the Bangkok Airport.

smart mart

I would do the bus if travelling with no children, otherwise a Taxi, You can get Uber in Bangkok but not in Pattaya. It was 1600 bhat in a Taxi from Pattaya to BK on New years eve. It takes around 1 1/2 hours in a Taxi and around 2 1/2 on the bus.


Book a taxi with Bee her and her drivers are very professional.

She's on whatsapp so you can book and manage it from there. 1,000-1,200 baht incl tolls.

Her numbers are +66865181726 and +66823238224

She speaks fairly decent English too.