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mate changed his battery on his range rover(get him) went to start it up and blew all the main fuses, we changed them but its still dead as a dodo any ideas would b helpful. thanks in advance.
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Dee, if he put the battery in the wrong way round more then likley he'll have blown the alternator as well and this is why it might be dead.


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dee123 i would start by checking the main battery fuse its normally around a 75 amp.this would be the first to go (normaly)
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he got the battery the rong way round the plank, got away with a 75 amp fuse. very lucky as he was looking at £200 4for a new alternator.


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not as glad as he is he`s off swinging this weekend lol. cheers moh.


If the problem only started when the engine was cranked , it is likely a Main cable on starter after the solenoid (check glow plug wiring also), reverse polarity would be an instant problem and you'd notice it immediately. Sometimes fuse-links are used instead of H/D fuses.


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always note position of cables and where pos and neg are as the old rule red is pos no longer applies as ground cables can be read also [ plonkers ] and if you need to hammer on ground connection,you are putting it on + connection which is larger.