BBC - Why call it Easter Day instead of Easter Sunday!!!


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why oh why has the BBC decided it`z EASTER DAY wot the foock is the matter of EASTER SUNDAY. as it`s been since way before i was born. arseholes.
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The political correctness has taken the world over mate. The distinction and wording are changed so as not to negatively affect those who are anti-religious when it comes to holidays based on religious connotation.
It's a bunch of crap if you ask me.


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happy easter Dee, maybe the Beeb has been taken over by aliens, you are of course right, sunday is the big one, today is the day that he was crucified and died.


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its funny how most countries will bend over and take it up the arse to make minorities feel at canada we let sikh children carry knives in school.turbans in the rcmp. etc.but when it comes to things that make the rest of us feel at home,well that is not politically correct. dont say merry christmas anymore,its not politically correct.say happy a world that that spouts platitudes about harmony and equality,the powers that be have lost touch with exactly what the hell that means. damn that felt good. Al


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It goes even worse. I play farmville on facebook, and they have Easter decorations as well as easter eggs.....except they are called "Spring" decorations and "Spring" eggs. I guess political correctness knows no bounds.


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yep noticed that to rtm and so did my daughter explained spring eggs wear easter eggs she wanted to know why it had patricks day gifts and why the easter gifts wear not called easter gifts


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totally agree dee m8 we on this side of the world are marjoritarily of the Christian faith and therefore deserve to expect that our faith to be respected ,if i lived in a muslim,jewish ,hindu ,siikh or buddhism society i would have no right to expect them to "downgrade" their religion for fear of offending me :bang head: