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Cloud computing is upon us with the release of the the first Chromebooks (June 15th 2011 online) but did you know that anyone with almost any type of computer can use the cloud either as a standalone OS or alongside Windows?

This might prove to be a great lightweight way of using that old PC\Notebook\Netbook you thought would never be of any use again?

Welcome to Jolicloud:


Cloud computers take you directly to THE CLOUD allowing you to access your content from different computers.

You can use Jolicloud in many different ways,

1. Install it alongside your Windows OS and have dual boot mode.

2. Install it as an absolute standalone OS (It's based on the Linux kernel) using their USB Creator Tool.

3. Install it as a Virtual Machine

4. Use it from your Browser after setting up your Cloud account (Supports Firefox 4. Chrome and Safari)

The future of computing, so we're told, lies in the cloud. It's already possible to spend practically all your entire computing life in your browser window, using web-based apps like Google Docs and Photoshop Express Editor in place of more traditional desktop apps like OpenOffice and Paint.NET.

You can install traditional desktop apps alongside web-based shortcuts and apps from Jolicloud App Store; if your program of choice is there, select it and it'll download and install silently in the background.

Your Joli OS desktop is part of your Jolicloud account, which means it's synchronized and accessible from web browsers.

It's still much quicker to load than most flavors of Windows, which makes it a real option should you want to fire up your laptop, netbook or PC for a quick spot of browsing, social networking or word processing. And as time goes by, who's to say you won't find yourself spending more time in Joli OS and less in Windows?

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