Best cheap holiday sites?


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Looking at going somewhere hot with the mrs and kids.. I went skeggnes last year and it rained all week! Still had a good time but much of it wasn't outside! So does anyone have any good sites.. Looking at September for a week all in for about 1500 seen little for that price atm.

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Looking for a holiday for 22 if anyone can recommend lol

We have found one for a week in July in Mojacar £7470.00 split between 6 Adults


Greek islands are spot on weatherwise in September.....very warm days and comfortable nights.
Book your flights early as possible and your room after. Try ..... find them to be the cheapest 4 times out of 5. Good Customer Service too.
Good luck :)


Do it yourself. 9 times out of 10 it works our miles cheaper!

As lamblamb says...

Skyscanner - choose when and your length of stay. This can be more flexible, for example you could fly 9 days and it could work out cheaper than 6.
Trivago - Compares your hotels and more flexible around your dates.
Hoppa - For your taxi/transfer. Usually always have 20% off etc.

Use Quidco aswell for easy cash back on purchases can get between 2% and 6%.


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when it comes to transfers I find many times car hire is cheaper than transfers, you may have to leave a large excess (put on hold on card) but we always find for 2 of us cheaper.


We go to tenerife, los cristinos or las americas... holidaylettings... homeaway for an apartment and sky scanner for flights.. get the 111 bus from the airport, cheaper and quicker than rip off taxi drivers...

Currently just about to press the button on first two weeks in september for around £850