Best Tennis Matches and Moment of all time


TK Veteran
Massive tennis fan and have been honoured to watch imo the best era in the history of tennis. Federer, Nadal and Novak at their primes in the same era was brilliant to watch and tbh still is. New guys coming through are no where near their level even with how old these guys are now as well. Grew up on Sampras, Agassi, Goran, Henman etc era and was great but not imo as good as the era we have witnessed over the last 15 years or so. Wasnt around during the time of Borg, Mcenroe, Connors and others which you can argue was the last golden era of tennis.

Anyway just want to share what I believe even after all these years still to be the best tennis match ever played between the two GOATS.

What a final this was. Nadal should have won this final!

Definitely one of the biggest upsets in recent years.

Watched this match few years ago and both were brilliant players back then. Borg was on another level and no doubt if he didnt retire in his late 20s he could have won many many more grandslams.

Remember watching this match few years ago and Wawrinka was in beast mode just blew Novak one. Destructive performance in a final. No doubt he and Murray both who have won multiple grand slams could have won even more if not in such a dominant era of the top 3.