Black Hawk Down


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Black Hawk Down my favourite movie (y)

Love that movie!! I bought the 2 disk, and then the 3-disk version of it. One of the extra features is a multi angle of the attack, as they had about 12 cameras going at the same time.

One of the camera views (which they kept in the movie, but added a quick cut to it) is showing the Delta team assult into the building.....and watching one of the members fall foreward....and the next 2 behind him fall on top of him!!
I bought the book night stalkers which was signed by Mike Durant Super 64 :)
I bought the book "Blackhawk Down" before I bought the movie. It was a real eye opener. He had all access to interview the rangers, the command staff, and incredibly, the Delta members, and Gary Gordon's and Randy Shughuart's wives.

One part that sticks in my head, at the time President Clinton went to visit the wounded rangers in Germany, and let them know they did a good job and the rest of the unit would be home. One of the rangers cursed him out, saying that we should go back in, not hide with their tails between their legs.