Blue spinning circle


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I've took the HDD outta my box and put it in the duo2 (rules out the HDD) Ive only installed whats needed
I have also flashed VIX with the default skin. Will await a phone call now to see what happens
It could be the box maybe?


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Just to update on this dad couldn't get on with VIX as he was used to the ATV setup.
I then flashed willobuild as the green button is the same setup as ATV and all is happy and the blue spinning circle as stopped
Thanks @Willo3092


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I have used WilloBuild for years with very little problems as I like to watch TV :smiley:

I feel sorry for the people that perceiver with openatv with there so silly image changes, but I have never gone down that road and only read about it :whistle:

Thanks Willo Mate you make life that bit easy not pissing about with boxes ever other day (y)