Blur screens hit the web, are surprisingly sharp


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By: Ben Gilbert

After we found out earlier today that Bizarre Creations' Blur would be speeding to store shelves this fall, we thought that'd be all the Blur news the game's publisher, Activision, was ready to drop in a single day. Turns out we were wrong, as a handful of screens for the new racer are clearly available at Gamersyde.

The cars are plenty nice and the brightness has apparently been turned up to 11, but most importantly, we get an early glimpse of those "Mario Kart meets Forza" special effects. Seems as though electricity is the effect of the day, as nearly every shot we've seen features fractured blue light from end to end. No oil slicks that send cars careening to their doom? No carefully placed explosive barrels intended for multiple flips? For shame, Activision. For shame.

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