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Box not operating


my box stopped working and been informed that the problem is that my mgcam requires to be deactivated and activate cccam.
unsure what to do as it was working perfect and not aware of changing anything.Is this correct?
Is it possible for someone to help me through this process and is the advise correct.
I do have the usual channels at moment but no sky sports etc.
Any help would be grateful.


Use a sandisk cruzer 8gb memory stick and look at the stickys at the top of the forum. download the sucmnsee image, de compress the rar/zip file and drag the zgemma file on to the root of the memory stick.

Plug it into the back of your box and switch the box on, it should come up on the box display showing "flsh". Leave it for a few minutes until the flash has been completed and the box will boot up.

Job done