British Camp Workers Killed By Drunk Driver


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Two young Britons working at an American summer camp have been killed by an alleged drunk driver.


Peter Goldblatt charged over deaths of Mr Hartley and Miss Lewis

Dominic Hartley and Emily Lewis, both 21, died after they were hit by a car when it swerved off the road in Warrensburg, New York.

Mr Hartley was pronounced dead at the scene and Miss Lewis was taken to Glens Falls Hospital and then to Albany Medical Centre but later died of her injuries.

Their colleague, Christopher Jones, 18, another Briton, was also hurt and needed hospital treatment.

They were all working at Camp Echo Lake and had been standing on the side of the road with four other people when they were hit, New York state police said.

The driver of the car, Peter Goldblatt, 39, has been charged with drink-driving and aggravated vehicular homicide.

Thousands of Britons travel to the US every year to take up gap-year jobs at summer camps.

Camp Echo Lake is 90 minutes from New York city and says on its website that it caters for children aged seven to 15 and has a staff of 200.

It promises would-be young counsellors: "You’ll be part of a team whose watchwords are consideration and kindness.

"The best memories of your life, and some of the best friendships, will be made at camp."