BT Sport 1


Has anyone else lost BT Sport 1?

I’m in Reading net id 00013


TK Veteran
unless ABM have just pushed out a config file in that past hour or so then that's not going to make any difference.
p.s. they haven't


TK Veteran
do a manual scan and that should pull it through, pretty sure you can then run abm and it should show


TK Veteran
1 out of the 3 versions of BT Sport 1 HD is still working, just not the one on the EPG.
Try software update then delete ABM bouquets update config files and scan as my BT Sport 1 HD is ok in HD bouquet where it normally is.


TK Veteran
You're in a different area. It's nothing to do with abm or software update.

It's either a failt at virgins end (unlikely) or a change made on purpose.


TK Veteran
VM ain't playing around it seems. They want to make sure sport channels for premier league footy go dark soon unlike sly where BT sports still working.