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Bungie Day brings chance to win Halo 3's Recon Armor


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by David Hinkle { 3 days ago }

If you own a calendar, we suggest you mark July 7, 2009, on it, as that day will see select Bungie developers playing folks in Halo 3. Playing with the developers of your favorite game isn't the only exciting news, as the latest episode of the Bungie podcast mentions some folks will walk away with the coveted Recon Armor.

Lasting the 24 hours of July 7, players can step into a new playlist (4 vs. 4) and throw down for their chance at the ever-elusive armor set. There aren't any details regarding what exact maps will comprise this playlist, though it was mentioned that it will feature 32 community-made variant maps. Let's just hope that Bungie doesn't cheat this time around.

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