Bungie.net updated with ODST stats, 'Road to Recon'


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by Richard Mitchell { 1 day ago }

For those about to drop, we figured we'd let you know that Bungie.net has been updated to include stats from the upcoming Halo 3: ODST. Of course, there aren't many stats to speak of just yet, as the game is still a few days away from release. Still, it's nice to know that everything has been implemented. In addition to the stat tracking we've all come to know and love, a new "Road to Recon" feature has been added as well.

This new feature keeps track of the achievements that players have to earn in order to unlock the extremely coveted Recon armor variant. Previously, the armor was available only to those who caught Bungie's notice, usually through some form of community notoriety (or Frankie Photoshopperie). It's important to remember that just because you can now haz Recon without resorting to such shenanigans, Bungie isn't making it easy. The achievement tracker should help you keep track of the ridiculously difficult Vidmaster Challenges.

Like this one: "Finish any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown." Yeah, good luck.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]