Buy fake cigarettes...inhale human waste


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If you have smoked contraband cigarettes, chances are you have sucked in a whole lot of disgusting stuff, including human faeces.........:sick:

Such cheap smokes, bought off peddlers, have been found to contain 'extra ingredients' which also include dead flies and insect eggs.

One in five contraband cigarettes is likely to be a fake, made with various materials other than tobacco, said trade investigators with the International Chamber of Commerce's Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau (CIB).

Much of it can be harmful.

The CIB report found that 'fake smokes can contain five times the level of cadmium, six times as much lead, 160 per cent more tar and 133 per cent more carbon monoxide'.

The report also found sand, wood and mould in fake cigarettes.

The more contraband cigarettes are sold in Singapore, the higher the chances of smokers inhaling dangerous materials.

Such cigarettes, said the CIB, were even more dangerous than the legal cancer-causing kind.