Cabela's Outdoor Adventures shoots into fall


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by JC Fletcher { 12 hours ago }

It seems like every game except for Modern Warfare 2 is being pushed into 2010. One game, however, is not afraid of Modern Warfare 2 -- Cabela's Outdoor Adventures on 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, and PC. Having bravely faced down Halo 3 at retail, the Cabela's series is ready to triumph over adversity once again, thanks to the power of a "simulation-style, seamlessly integrated experience that includes big game hunting, fishing and bird shooting."

The new game features over 50 different hunting and fishing challenges, animal call and stealth gameplay elements, and a new VITALS system. Yes, that is an acronym ("Visually Integrated Targeting and Lock-on System) but it really is just about shooting stuff in the vitals.

Outdoor Adventures comes out this fall. Now that we just read about the VITALS system, we're thinking that if we were Activision, and Cabela's told us it wanted this game out in the fall, we would make sure that happened.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]