Cable boxes are down

It appears to day at around 12.30pm or thereabout, all boxes stopped Ilford area. It appears KEYS HAVE ROLLED. Any other area affected:?


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fine in cambridge m8, iv had sly sports news on allday

could bea local problem


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Mines still working, here at Birmingham, it is true that keys have been rolled, either a firmware upgrade will help you get the updated keys or you could always install the TechKings ToolBar to keep yourself up to date with the keys.
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The Receiver is working fine now. There must have been a local breakdown of service. I did a deep scan in the afternoon, as all scrambled channels were showing the message "Service Unknown". After the scan everything worked fine. Thanks one and all for their prompt support and advice in this matter.


Panic over

Phew! Am just going to have my first go at putting the software on my new Starview 4. Never done it before, so nervous as it is without having to worry about them going down as well lol. Glad it's all still up and running.