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Cables Required For Flashing The Kryptview.


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Cables Required for flashing the Kryptview.

If you have a PC/Laptop with a 9 pin serial socket then all you need is a Null Modem Cable, see pic below.

If you have a PC/Laptop that doesn't have the 9 pin serial socket you will need a Null Modem Cable and a USB adapter, See pic below.

If you have a PC and you are struggling with the usb adapter or you have Vista like me you could install a PCI serial card which is easily added to you PC and with this all you need is the null modem cable which gives you a direct link from your box to the pc.

Null Modem Com/Port setup Tutorial

USB DB9 device coms/ports set up.

Problems with your PC/Laptop not recognising your box.

To see which port your USB adapter is connected to, connect your USB adapter and follow the following instructions:

1. Go to the Start Menu
2. Right click on "My Computer"
3. Select "Properties"
4. Click on the "Hardware" tab
5. Click on "Device Manager"
6. Click the + sign next to "Ports (COM & LPT)"
7. One of the listed ports should indicate which port your USB adapter is connected to (e.g. COM1, COM2, COM3, etc.)
8. Go back to your map software program that you use to transfer data and make sure it is looking at the correct port.
9. You should be able to transfer data once the correct port is selected

If you need drivers go here

USB to Serial Adapter driver downloads and documentation

Follow my advice to step 7. Locate your USB Adapter (port *)

Right click on that port and select properties. Then select port settings, then select advanced. At the bottom of that tab will be a drop down box with the port selected (port * in your case). Use the drop down to select another port (eg 1, 2 or 3). If the port you want to use is already allocated to something else, you can use the same procedure to reassign that port after you have finished.
Save the selections in the usual way. The USB converter will be permanently assigned to the port you selected.

You can buy both cables from ebay for around a fiver, Maplins also sell them but cost considerably more.

If buying from Maplins,

Null Modem Cable is Here.

USB Adapter is Here.


excellent pictorials for those that dont know or get confused as to that they need.

Thankfully my lappy i only need the null modem, but now know what the usb adapter looks like if i ever need it.


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Thanks all, notice how I make my own tuts and dont copy others like people from AD ROFL.


yup but then your cleverer than they are and WE are much better :angel: LOL

are you going to do same for other boxes so that when peeps get confused they will be grateful to know where cables go espec the newbs and where to put the co-ax cable as that one often gets them confused and it ends up in the wrong socket lol


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I hope there's no Cybor Cops policing this forum boss roflmao ROFL


lol G, glad you saw that, lets hope Cyborferg pops in here for a look, ROFL

@Linny, no more tuts for now but may add more at a later date once I know what i'm talking about lol.


iv used the null cable that used to work with my eurovox but despite trying about 15 different ways of trying to flash the thing, i keep getting the message "the downloading is not requesting"
i also used a null modem that came with it and same result.
do u think its a new wire.
iv tried in on my desktop and my laptop , same result. both wires.
im baffled now :willy nilly:


have you tried leaving the box on standby while doing it?

when i switch on the box at the back it appears to be at standby- a small green dot appears in the bottom right of the screen. nothing i do changes this screen, i have read somewhere that i shud see 0000 but i dont see it at all no matter what i do.


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what type is it, max v, 1000 and is it a new box or has it been flashed before?
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is it a new box fin or has it been flashed before?

brand new , just got it delivered today.

slightly worried that its a bogey one but i dont want to underestimate my stupidity before i send it back

its kv a750
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haha, no problem, well ill leave the krypt guys help you out here as ive no experience with them, have with the eurovox though sorry :)

ok cool mate. if u can know how to get a eurovox to work on n*hell in dublin, i wont need the kryptview :-D - only messing i know it cant be done- thanks for your efforts !!



Thanks for the info, just recieved my KV 790t (780) didnt realise a null cable was required urgent run to maplins needed!!