Can a phone number reveal someones age?


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So, you want to find out a person's age. Forget about the stars.

Here's a fun way of finding out a person's age in three easy steps from their phone number.

1) Ask the person to reverse the last four digits of their phone number to produce a new 4-digit number. Subtract this new number from the phone number, or vice versa, depending on what number is smallest. Don't ask for the result!

2) Ask the person to add together the digits of the resulting number and to repeat the procedure until only a single digit number remains. Don't ask for the result!

3) Finally, ask the person to subtract this single digit number from the last two digits of their year of birth. Ask for the result!

You will then be able to tell them their age, and the year in which they were born!

How does it work?

The final number remaining from the calculations in 1-3 is always 9. Therefore secretly add nine to the result they give, and you will be able to tell them their age!

Try it out on someone who doesn't really want to reveal their age to you.